My journey starts from seeking passive income by becoming a blogger. My personal target is  5 years from now (2025), the income will beat my current 7-3 job and able to settle all debt that I have. I continuously studied 30 books on how to become financially free and the idea that I picked up is I need to sell something either product or service. At one point, I even decided to enrol into diploma of business management but put it off because of job and family constraints.

I started to learn basic knowledge about marketing and selling from books and videos that I can obtain. Thus, I decided to become an affiliate and focusing on topic ‘ How To Create The Best High-Converting Landing Page’. So my topic covers many areas from wordpress to landing page to web hosting to affiliate marketing.

Creating the landing page that convert is not an easy experience for me. Come with no background in creating landing pages always make me stuck for the complicated diverse required skill set. Some of these skill sets that I have identified include:

•             Social psychology and persuasion

•             User-centered design

•             Visual and website design

•             Direct-response copywriting

•             Web analytics and statistics

Many authors have written and spoken on the these topics, however most info that I found are in chunks. If I compile the info that I got and share on how I had applied it into making my awesome landing pages, I feel this content will help others like me.  I believe sharing is one of the great proven ways to speed up my learning curve. Ability to explain in simple words is always a fascinating art for me.

To cover my inexperience with creating landing page, I always rely on review websites to read, compare and explore others’ reviews before I come out with my personal opinion. One of the best review websites that I find very helpful is [mh1] which focusing on making unfiltered, unbiased and 100% validated review as a third party.

H2- Principles

Understanding and making interaction with something new will put me into a lot of reflection time. I do not want to keep experimenting (even though it is an exciting experience) without full awareness of what am I doing. Being conscious and frequently questioning my action is what make me today.

H3- Why Should I Use Landing Pages?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, designed specifically with a single concentration known as call to action  (CTA). It is this focus that enable landing page to become the best option for increasing the conversion rates.

A landing page that persuading visitors to become customers by purchasing product or service is completely different compared to web page design. Everything about it dedicatedly works hard to turn these visitors into customers and into repeating buyers/subcribers. That’s the strength of landing pages!

H4- Attention Ratio and Landing Page Navigation

Attention ratio is the number of things you can navigate on a webpage in relation to the number of things you should be doing in order to convert. Common webpages usually have 20 links versus landing page that has only one link-to convert.  For that reason, navigation need to be extremely limited in your landing page whenever possible.

H4- Strong message match with advertisement

Message match is the ability of your landing page design to precisely mirror the ad copy that got your visitors to the page in the first place. By confirming a strong message match, you are letting them know that they have made the correct choice. It is critical that the potential buyer’s journey flows smoothly from ad to page. You will adjust the copy, design, and offer  to match with the traffic sources.

H4- Multiple Variation Of Landing Pages For Different Visitors

Creating multiple variation of landing pages on a traditional site can take a lot of time and money and it likely need to be outsource. For example, you might create pages for visitors who have signed up for your free trial versus those who subscribe your monthly plan.

By using landing page builder that available in the market[mh2] , you can design and publish your page in a matter of hours, without or with little assistance of a support team. Most landing page platform are using drag-and-drop features which make people like me feel at ease to experiment.

H4- Market Multiple Products 

You need to understand not all products/services give the same profit margin. To get the best possible profit,  I notice majority merchants and ecommerce marketers have more than one stock keeping unit (SKU). Thus having landing pages is a must. And the experience to create multiple landing pages for multiple products is very easy simply by duplicating it and change the necessary product description.  

H3- Landing Page Builders That Available

There are many landing page platform that you may choose. Here I shortlisted 6 of them based on price and review ranking. I personally find their educational sections (blog) really amazing as I learnt many new knowledge about many aspect related to landing pages and I really recommend you to do so.  

The price I show you below is the subscription plan that include A/B testing. A/B testing feature is very vital where you can test many angle to convert visitors by changing the videos, fonts, copy and offer. Please note that the starting price offered by these landing page builders might be different. The price will be also further discounted if you subscribed their yearly payment.

NoNameMonthly Payment PriceUniqueness
1Getresponse$15Unlimited Landing Pages, Email’s Image Editor,  
2Landingi$79Unlimited landing page, unlimited popup, unlimited lead  
3Leadpages$79Unlimited landing page, unlimited lead and traffic, unlimited pop-up and alert bars, unlimited A/B testing.
4ClickFunnel$97Sales funnel with affiliate marketing as their niche  
5Unbounce$120Unlimited landing page, unlimited pop-up, unlimited sticky-bars, unlimited client sub account.  
6Hubspot Marketing Hub (CMS Hub)$300Combination of other software under Hubspot like marketing hub, sales hub, service hub  

I personally recommend Landingi or Unbounce as for those who has some budget to allocate. Though, ClickFunnel is really suitable for marketer who really into affiliate marketing. Those who has enough capital may choose CMS Hub under Hubspot as you may consider their software combination that will help your business to develop at full scale.

H3- Types Of Landing Page

There are really two type of landing page which are:

H3- Lead Generation Landing Pages

Basically it covers landing pages or some may call it squeeze pages that use form as their CTA. This form collects lead data mainly names and email and even addresses and phone numbers of visitors.

Here are the recommended design by Leadpages.[mh3] com


It is within good benchmark that lead landing pages should offer free quality item/service of equal value in exchange for contact info. To increase trust and get familiar between marketer and visitors, an investment to produce a quality item as a free offer to visitors is a must to build long-lasting relationship.

Unbounce[mh4]  has listed 10 free quality item/service that you can consider to offer to your potential customers. These are:

  1. Download and printout such as reports, whitepapers, ebooks and checklists
  2. Newsletters with tips related to your area of subject matter expertise.
  3. Podcasts for people who like to listen & learn during a commute or workout.
  4. Blog subscription to receive ongoing content via email or RSS.
  5. Webinar registration for live online sessions, often with Q&A with experts and special guest presenters.
  6. Presentations or recorded sessions including video or slides.
  7. Consultation services or booking meetings for someone to request your time or services.

All the leads will be categorised and analysed whether the leads are qualified and then used to closing a sale. I call these qualified leads as warm customer list. They know me as I have already given free quality item/service which highly encouraging them to revisit my landing page.

H3- Clickthrough Landing Pages

Basically it covers landing pages that use clickthrough as their CTA. This clickthrough goes straight for sales or subscription. Usually, they have a simple button that sends the visitors into the checkout flow (ecommerce) or completing a transaction.

Clickthrough landing pages usually display unique value proposition by using convincing copy before sending them deeper into the marketing funnel. Value proposition should include how your product or service solves/improves problems, what benefits customers can expect, and why customers should buy from you over your competitors. Want to know more about value proposition? Get more details here